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RDR: Undead Nightmare - review

Jack Graal
7 November 2010

Zombies, mythical creatures, paradoxically grotesque situations and exceptional ending. The above sentence describes the newest DLC to Red Dead Redemption titled Undead Nightmare. This review aims to cover the story, some new items and weapons, and all of the changes in comparison with the basic version of RDR. In terms of graphics, sound and gameplay there is no difference, so I do not describe these aspects, but if you want to read about them read my Red Dead Redemption review.

I shall start from the plot which does not belong to the official canon,but represents an outstanding quality. We have a widespread plague of zombies, the return of John Marston as the main character and most of the supporting, charismatic characters (not always fully alive) have also returned. If you don't care for some spoilers, you will fine a description of the beginning of the story at the end of this review. The main plot alone provides about four hours of fun.

New weapons, such as the Blunderbuss (shotgun loaded with the remnants of undead bodies), torch, holy water and exploding lure for zombies were added. As well as four horses of the Apocalypse (famine, plague, war and death) that have special abilities. Animals were turned into zombie versions and creatures like a unicorn or the Sasquatch (with a sad story related to it) can be found. In addition some of the items can be made through the inventory as soon as we there is the right amount of ingredients. About the new outfits, treasures, side missions, I will say only that they are present and are doing well.

With regard to the gameplay - it is rather hard to die. Escape from opponents is as simple as that. Yes, there are different kind of undead (including one very fast) but with a little help of the Dead Eye system there is no problem to shoot straight into the skull of a most of the enemies. The key to success is to avoid being overrun by opponents. The game map is the same as in the main game, but cities are boarded up and defended by the last living groups of people. For help in defending they award you with ammo, which is the most valuable item because stores do not work, and there are tons of zombies to kill.

Multiplayer in this DLC allows you to play, for example, the Undead Overrun mode which relies on the joint fight against waves of incoming zombies. As most of similar modes known from other games, the Undead Overrun mode is very addictive. They also added some new characters to choose from, as well as new titles, trophies and achievements.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare is a 10 out of 10. It is an ideally shaped DLC that should be treated as a model to follow. A full-fledged, albeit grotesque story, great multiplayer mode and a bunch of new items, weapons, and things to do.

[spoiler title="WARNING! SPOILERS!"]One day, when John works on his ranch after the execution of the tasks commissioned by the government. Reader introduces us to the climate, at the end chuckling ominously. In the first cut-scene we are witnessing a conversation between Marston family members. Finally, everyone goes to sleep, but after some time the Uncle appears and is strangely behaving. John smacks him on the head with a lamp, but it does not give the desired effect. He escapes with his wife Abigail in front of the house. The Uncle joins them and finally bites the neck of John's wife. After a moment of hesitation John kills him. Jack (John's son) comes to see what happened, but his own mother bites him in the neck. This way both of them are now zombies. John grabs them on the lasso and ties them up. Takes them to the bedroom, puts some food near them, barricades the house and leaves in search of explanation and assistance.

After finishing the main plot, the game moves a few months forward to the time when John is no longer alive. Thanks to someone who has waken the dead again Marston rises from the grave as a zombie, but he keeps his soul. This way the player can further explore the world, to save the cities, etc.[/spoiler]



The Awesome

[list icon="icon: arrow-up"]
  • even more of the best western game
  • Wild West + zombies
  • 8 hours for the main plot only
  • price is way too low for that kind of content

The Awful

[list icon="icon: arrow-down"]
  • none that I know of


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