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A review is not a description and that is my first review writing rule. Innovation, pleasure in itself and refinement are most valuable to me. Sometimes I mention similarities to other productions, but I always try to avoid direct references because they could be very confusing for someone who is not familiar with the other franchise or product. Similarly, when dealing with any game or movie sequel - most of the time I do not compare it to any previous installments because I treat each work as a separate product.


This grade is given to products that are not suitable for use (playing, watching, reading), are a bleeding disorder on the genre and I would like to forget that I had any contact with them.


This grade is given to products that can be finished, but I would not wish that to anyone. They often do not offer virtually nothing but some repetitive pattern, are full of bugs, and the existence of any "quality" is a moot point.


This grade is given to products which initial vision could have been promising, but ultimately does not encourage to get acquainted with them or just some individual parts of them are worth a bit of attention.


This grade is given to products that offer something more than an idea, and after finishing them I don't feel bad because of the lost time.


This grade is given to products that are of average quality. They can provide a bit of fun, do not poke in the eye and can interest you for quite a while.


This grade is given to products that are often a result of good craftsmanship, just do the work and give pleasure. However, a lot of elements are simplified or mismatched.


This grade is given to products that demonstrate not only a very good quality, but also some original ideas. Unfortunately, in some cases, an element may seem not to be in harmony with the rest or was not properly thought out.


This grade is given to products that, despite some minor flaws are able to provide engaging and memorable experience which stands out because of brilliantly implemented ideas.


This grade is given to products that provide maximum entertainment, each part of them is of the highest quality and seamlessly meshes with each other.


This grade is given to products that stand out not only by their superior quality, but often because they often revolutionize some aspects of the whole genre.