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Grand Theft Auto V - review

I had to wait more than three weeks to write this review because I wanted to capture everything that is on the game disc - not just the singleplayer mode available from the beginning, but also GTA Online, which was released on the 1st of October. How does the latest Grand Theft Auto look like on the not-so-new generation of […]

Metro: Last Light - review

Metro: Last Light is a game, which makes dark corridors and dungeons feel more safe than ever. And even a slight thought about an expedition to the surface seems to be worse than anything else.

Rayman Legends - review

We should know now for fact that a return to the roots and simple solutions may be better than the pursuit of new technologies and photo-realistic 3D graphics. Rayman Legends, just like two years ago Rayman Origins is strongly inspired by the original 1995 Rayman and although the second and third installments were created in […]

Killzone: Mercenary - beta tested

PS Vita starts to shine, but only because of correct approach of game developers. Sony created a pocket monster that is able to take a fight with awesome graphics, but it has to be given a chance. Killzone: Mercenary is a display of capabilities of this console, but not only.

Raptr - gamer's essentials

With each passing day technological inventions combined with creative, but at the same time utilitarian approach make life easier for millions of people around the world who for several computerized years have naturally been adopting all the fruits of that development. The storm of new (not necessarily good) ideas does not go on par with marketing and […]

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger - review

This time I have a pleasure to tell you about a Wild West game in Polish execution. The continuation of the Call of Juarez series titled Gunslinger is a come back to the roots after a not-so successful trip to the present in The Cartel. This time, it is neither a sequel nor a prequel […]

The Book of Unwritten Tales - review

Over the last decade the whole genre of adventure games didn't have it easy, and the best titles were produced by independent developers. The Book of Unwritten Tales is also a work of an independent game studio, although when I look at this production I feel like it was made by of a well-known, experienced team supported […]

Guild Wars 2 - review

Guild Wars 2 is a game which was awaited by millions, virtually by the whole MMO genre, and I waited too - for more than five years. But relax, let's start from the beginning that is from the first Guild Wars, which in 2005, in a way, has revolutionized the MMO market. The game was original, but excelled in […]

Risen 2: Dark Waters - review

Risen 2: Dark Waters is another game created by Piranha Bytes, which unfortunately repeats the same mistakes as the Gothic series and the first Risen. You'd think that the creators are doing it on purpose and treat these inaccuracies as their trademark. If so, they'd better stop.

Battlefield: Bad Company - review

The first Battlefield released only on consoles turned out to be not only a great shooter, but also introduced an extensive system of destruction of the environment that allowed to blow entire buildings. There have also been some changes in the single-player mode. Rather humorous than serious storyline leaves clear traces of a fairly charismatic […]

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - review

The game which like many others was supposed to tear off millions of players from World of Warcraft. Great universe, wonderful ideas, original execution and some bad decisions. This is the way to describe the MMORPG in the world of King Conan. Norwegian studio Funcom is known primarily from the two parts of The Longest […]

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - review

How does present itself the fourth installment of The Elder Scrolls series seven years after release? Is it worth returning to the Cyrodil? Bethesda Softworks is a studio that in fact develops only one series - The Elder Scrolls. Every now and then they do other games, however, the most important are those where the action takes place on the […]

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