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JackGraal.com is about pop culture lifestyle.jack-graal-transparent

I not only comment and review video games, movies or tech stuff, but also share my views on subjects more extensive, beyond the TV screen. From time to time there are also reports from events, shows and conferences I participated.

The audience of this blog grows with each month and thanks to an active use of social networking platforms, it can reach all corners of the Internet and beyond. I'm able to write or make a video on YouTube, so our collaboration is not limited to particular form of content.

Every campaign I do is very important to me. I want not only my client, but also my readers to be happy about it.

What can we do together?

  • post or video on a given topic
  • contest with prizes for readers and viewers
  • review and video review of your product or service
  • patronage over a project
  • coverage of an industry event, conference or trip
  • other, more creative campaigns

General advertising policy

  • I never publish pre-made promotional materials - all texts are written by my hand or are a result of teamwork.
  • Texts or videos from any previous campaigns shall not be deleted.


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