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By the way - I'm a non-native English speaker, so should you find any grammar or vocabulary mistakes, please do not damn me. Instead just send me a message about the mistake to help me correct it.

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Please, have a seat & call me Jack.

I'm a blogger and web video producer. I write and make videos about media and pop culture. I rarely watch horror movies and don't like sports and racing video games. And when I have time - I try to study all kinds of things.

[spoiler title="WHAT IS THIS BLOG ABOUT?" icon="arrow" open="yes"]JackGraal.com is all about pop culture lifestyle. It was created from my passion for electronic entertainment and the desire to share my thoughts on pop culture topics. I comment and review games, movies, and tech stuff, but also share my views on subjects more extensive, beyond the TV screen. From time to time there are also reports from events, shows and conferences I participated.[/spoiler] [spoiler title="WHY SHOULD I READ IT?" icon="arrow" open="yes"]I cultivate pop culture lifestyle. If you like to know what's going on in culture, have your own opinions on the entertainment media that you consume every day and like to laugh from time to time - this blog is for you.

On the other hand, this certainly is NOT a blog where the author tries hard to achieve catharsis or tell the readers the only truth. I am an optimist, who knows what he wants. If I am lost, I can always find a way to get back on track. I hope you can do the same, dear reader. But everybody has to find his or her own way of life.[/spoiler] [spoiler title="WHERE CAN I FOLLOW YOU?" icon="arrow" open="yes"]

You can follow my Facebook fanpage if you want to keep up with new posts or videos. I also put there some more or less interesting links I find.

I post on my private profile not only things regarding this blog, but also some more personal info and opinions.

I run two channels on YouTube - in two languages. One in Polish and one in English.

I use Twitter as a primary source of information, and thus I post there the most, usually in two languages.

I use Instagram to post all types of photos. There are usually more photos during travel, conferences or similar trips. I also post occasional photos of food.


You can always use my RSS feed and read posts using a reader like Feedly.

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Pinterest and Tumblr are used mainly for pinning my texts and videos. I also have Google+ but so far didn't make much use of it.

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I usually replay within 24 hours.[/spoiler] [spoiler title="ARE YOU INTERESTED IN ADVERTISING?" icon="arrow" open="yes"]Of course I am!

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[spoiler title="HOW DO YOU REVIEW MEDIA?" icon="arrow" open="yes"]Should you wish to see what each of the grades represents, visit the Rating system section.[/spoiler] [spoiler title="HOW CAN I HELP?" icon="arrow" open="yes"]Did you enjoy my work? The best form of help is all kind of activity you can perform in connection to my creativeness. It can be a "like" on Facebook, a "tweet" on Twitter, a "thumb up" on YouTube or a comment on this website - any form of appreciation motivates me to do more and better.[/spoiler]